Off The Film Media is here to help provide you with everything you need to maintain and promote your business on the internet. We aim to get you up and running with your website, we sort all your media and your website design as well. This is all based around your need, your want and your budget. 

We offer a maintenance pack where we will look after your website throughout the year, we will upload any new content or take/create any content for promotion that is required. Maybe its simply to add a new link or a few words to a page, we will sort it.


The websites created through a third party supplier, we gain your domain name through google, as well as creating you your own personal email address.


We offer three types of maintenance packages, or a one off payment for the website to be created and completely handed over to you. 

Heres our newest clients website created:

JT Building and Electrical Services

Lower Lincomb Lettings

Website built
Website built